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Automate Your Healthcare Practice Today!

Ditch the clipboards and piles of files, focus on patients and streamline your healthcare practice with a paperless, automated and cost-effective filing system.

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Why Choose HPSuite+ For
YOUR Healthcare Practice?

Efficient Streamlined Organisation

Our papersless solution saves valuable time and enhances your efficient patient and practice management.

Enhanced Communication

Fewer missed appointments as patients are notified via email and SMS with calendar updates and reminders.

Secure User-Friendly System

Software is user friendly without complicated functions, and confidential data is stored securely.

Aftersales Support

Our dedciated support team will assist your staff with any issues or queries relating to the use and maintenance of our system.

paperless healthcare practice

What is HPSuite+?

HPSuite+ is Healthcare Practice automation software designed to assist you efficiently execute and manage the day-to-day administrative tasks within a healthcare practice.

HPSuite+ Features

Paperless practice management system for modern Healthcare Professionals 

Patient Records Management

No more laborious clipboard forms and wasted time.

Practice Management & Automation

Automated appointment scheduling and reminders.

Multiple Practice Locations

Set appointments for your practice’s various branches and physical locations.

Electronic Medication Scripts

Personalised electronic prescriptions generated from templates, sent to patient in PDF format via email.

HPSuite+ Takes Care Of YOU!

We do the work that stops you doing yours – and we manage your patient and practice data safely and securely.

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