About HPSuite+

HPSuite+ is a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient system that will form the backbone of your successfully managed healthcare practice.

streamlined efficient healthcare filing

Faster, More Efficient Healthcare

HPSuite+ was developed with both medical professionals and patients in mind. We help you spend way less time on mundane admin tasks, and more on the important aspects of your practice.

Less Admin Stress and Lower Expenses

Why fill your valuable practice space with dozens or hundreds of patient files? Why pay extra staff to handle the overflow? HPSuite+ is a streamlined, secure and cost-effective automated system that eliminates stress and wastefulness.

User-Friendly System

Easy for medical practice staff to manage - no complicated functionality.

Complete Data Security

Ensures that your paitent and practice information is safe and secure.

Eliminates Tedious Repetition

Save valuable time in practices with fast appointment turnover and multiple follow-ups

Patient Confidence

Patients are more positive when their healthcare is managed efficiently.

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HPSuite+ Takes Data Security Seriously

HPSuite+ is completely POPI-compliant and secure. Your can trust us with your patient files and healthcare practice data. 

paperless healthcare practice