HPSuite+ Features

Explore the features of HPSuite+’s groundbreaking paperless medical practice management system for healthcare professionals.

Patient Records Management

  • Patient Information is collected via a QR Code or SMS links on the patients mobile phone.
  • New patients forms are filled in prior to arriving for their appointments or in the rooms.
  •  Any patient documents, images or x-rays can be easily uploaded and saved to their records for future reference.
  • Built in Notepad feature, allows the practitioner to hand write or type patients notes on decvises that are stylus compatable.

Practitioner File Sharing

Patient Profiles are easily shared between practitioners using
HPSuite+ with permission from the patient.

Practice Management & Automation

  • Automated Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  • Confirmations notifications and reminders sent via SMS & Email to patient and practitioner.
  • Appointment Calendars & Daily Agendas generated and emailed daily to the practitioner.
  • Appointment Requests and patient information are collected via Practice Customised Online Forms which can be linked from the practice website.

Multiple Practice Locations

Easily access all patient records and documents from any web enabled device or location. 

Electronic Medication Scripts

Generate Medical scripts, sick notes and referral letters from templates and send directly to the patient

Personal Data Security

HPSuite+ is fully POPI compliant to ensure patient records and practice information are safe and secure

Detailed Practice Reports

Access reports for your practice to measure:

  • Staff Productivity
  • Ensure Accountability
  • Patient Trends
streamlined efficient healthcare filing

Lab & X-Ray Results

Labs and test centres can easily upload a patient’s medical test results to the patient’s profile for immediate access by the referring professional

How will HPSuite+ Benefit your Practice?

Black woman, doctor and senior patient with tablet, results and happy for health clearance, advice or report. African medic, mobile touchscreen and healthcare with smile, tech and support in hospital.
  • The use of physical forms will be a thing of the past. Saving you time, money and making your practice environment more effective and work flow more efficient .
  • With QR code and emailing new form features, new patients info can be received before they arrive for their appointment, saving receptionists valuable time for capturing information.
  • Patients and doctors will receive electronic reminders via email and SMS for their next appointment, reducing the number of missed or no show appointments.
  • A patients file and medical history will be electronically accessible by the doctor regardless of his location. No need to carry files or documents for out of practice consults.
  • Notepad function allows doctors to write notes and draw diagrams, which are saved directly to the patients records, easily accessible and documented for future references.
  • Patient consultations are saved systematically in date order, allowing doctor to have access to view previous consultation.
  • Personal practice branding on all forms and scripts sent to patients will keep your practice name top of mind with patients, encouraging patient loyalty.